The Venture

Sedbergh Venture is an action-packed holiday for young people aged from 14 - 18. There are all sorts of exciting activities throughout the week, and plenty of free time to do your own thing too. It's a great place to make new friends and spend some relaxing time away in a beautiful part of the country. The activities are mixed in with plenty of opportunities to hear what God has to say to us through the Bible, and it's a great place ask any big questions that you've been thinking about.

The Site

Sedbergh Venture is held in a really grand boarding school, set against the backdrop of the hills of the Yorkshire Dales. The school is spread across a large site, with several sports fields, boarding houses and other buildings. Accommodation is provided in the school's boarding houses, and we have separate houses for boys and girls. Most bedrooms have either one or two beds, along with a desk, wardrobe and drawers, so you can really make yourself at home. We group the bedrooms on each corridor together into a 'dorm'. More on this later.

In the main building that we use there's a big open lounge area, which is a great place to go during your free time. This is where you'll find all sorts of games and activities, as well as the tuck shop, bookstall and plenty of comfy seats. Downstairs in the main building there's the dining room, where we all eat together. Each dorm has their own table in the dining room. The food is really tasty!

The Activities

There are activities every day. We're within driving distance of the Lake District so that means we can do some really fantastic stuff. On some days we go off-site, for things like paintballing, Go Ape, rock climbing, caving, watersports, mountain biking for the thrill seekers. And if you're after something even more extreme, we go for lake cruises, pottery painting, shopping and even golf!

The activities on the days when we stay on site often involve challenges between different dorms. The details are a closely guarded secret - all we can tell you is that they're a lot of fun!

It's action-packed, but it's a holiday too - which means you'll have plenty of free time. When the main activities aren't on there are often organised sports, workshops, crafts and swimming in our on-site pool. Or if you prefer, there's space to sit and chat, listen to music or read.

The Bible Teaching

We want to give you plenty of opportunities to hear what God has to say through the Bible and ask all the questions you can think of. If you're a Christian, we'd love to help you to grow in your faith - to know God better and to think more about what it means to follow Jesus in every area of life - not just at church and youth group. If you're not a Christian, don't worry - you won't be alone! Over the week you'll hear why Jesus is more relevant than you might think, and it'll be a great time to think over the bigger questions of life.

So what can you expect on the Venture? Well, probably the biggest thing you'll notice is that every day we have a Main Event. This is where we all come together to hear part of the Bible explained in a really engaging and relevant way. If you're thinking 'boring church service', think again. There'll be quizzes, silly games, film clips and much more - all to help us think about what we're hearing from God's word. Main Events really are the highlight of the Sedbergh day. On some days we'll also have sessions where we think about how the Bible applies to a particular area of life - maybe prayer, science or relationships. And on top of that there's heaps of time to discuss things with your dorm members and leaders.

Sounds good?

We think so, and so do a lot of our members who keep coming back year after year. But if you've got even more questions, head over to the FAQ page!






About Ventures Holidays

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